After finishing the engineering education as a process engineer, Michael Krapalis, the today General Manager and founder of Fluid Solutions started to work in the engineering company Feco Industrieanlagen by the beginning of the eighties.

After experience with projects for ASEA Ludvika, Sweden in synthetic resins as well as the complete turnkey paint factory for Contilack in Oberhausen, the first multi component formular based dispensing system for paint was designed in a first step.

After that, going through different mile stones via Fluid Verfahrenstechnik. later Fluid Management, now Fluid Solutions is moving ahead.

Since Walter Kratz, the owner of the JK-Holding, is main partner of the company, Fluid Solutions has a very strong financial back. The rating is now at fantastic 1.9 by Hoppenstedt and Creditreform.

The independence from banks and the stable financial situation is generated by our very serious partner.

Beside to this, Fluid Solutions has developed the new port folio coming from basic multi component dosing systems for paint and ink factories as well as for printors and coators into a much wider range.

Starting in the lubrication business using automatic blending technologies in different batch sizes, and coming to a turnkey plant engineering, now Fluid Solutions is with the integration of a new specialist in the team also able to produce engineering for synthetic resin plants and oil recycling plants.

So now, the company is standing on at least four very strong legs. This fundament is a very strong basement for the future development of the company.

Now the strategy is looking for new export sectors in different regions like South and North America, USA, Russia as well as Africa and the Middle East region.

Fluid Solutions is and will be in the future a very experienced and modern engineering company which has its own designed machines as key components and key equipments for the production plants.

The combination of engineering and designing new production systems and complete factories, Fluid Solutions offers beside to the engineering also very optimized and very well designed machines for individual processing.

In November 2013, Fluid Solutions will celebrate his 30 years day.