Key Equipment for first Oil Recycling Plant to China

Installation Phase of Key Equipment for the First Fluid Solutions Oil Recycling Plant to China

After a one year’s engineering and manufacturing phase, Fluid Solutions GmbH has delivered its Key Equipment for a new Oil Recycling Plant to China. Even under the handicapped, pandemic conditions, the shipment to China has taken place and the Tube Reactor CPT® together with its accessories has been provided to the Chinese customer in time.

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With the Fluid Solutions high efficient used oil recycling process technology, the economically successful recovery of used oils to full ready-made base oils is reality. The robust process allows the usage of the re-refined base oil as part of the feedstock for high performance, multi-purpose lube oils.

The delivery of the Key equipment for our China project contains the tube reactor CPT® as well as the corresponding accessories and the automation system to ensure the output quality of the refined base oil.

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The Tube Reactor is the heart of our patented Re-Refining Technology. This part will guarantee the successful recovery of the used oil. With temperatures up to 400°C under full vacuum we achieve the conditions under which we guarantee the quality of the recovered base oils. We bring the technology to make Lube oils out of Used Oils – Guaranteed.

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The design of the patented Fluid Solutions CPT Oil Re-Refining Plant is outstanding by its

  • Total closed loop from used oil to Lube Oil
  • Light color and fresh smell of refined base oil group I+
  • Robust 24/7 continuous production
  • Low operating costs
  • Economically extremely successful

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