Fluid Dispensing Center 4.0

Europe´s largest fully automated production facility for printing inks - built by Fluid Solutions

The FLUID DISPENSING CENTER 4.0 is a fully automated production plant with a new quality standard for the production of customized printing inks.

Together with and for our customer Siegwerk, FLUID SOLUTIONS has developed and built the FLUID DISPENSING CENTER 4.0, the largest fully automated production facility in all of Europe.

  •        Applied Industry 4.0
  •        Focus on digitalization and automation
  •        Consistent product quality through highly reliable, standardized processes
  •        Stable delivery performance through expanded capacities
  •        Safer and cleaner production for increased sustainability
  •        AI-based production method

Key figures

  •        Industrie 4.0 at work
  •        Four dispensing heads
  •        200 components
  •        25.000 To/Year production capacity
  •        Batch sizes: drums and IBC
  •        TA-Luft conformity (air pollution control regulation)
  •        ATEX Conformity

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