LOBP/Grease Plant for Algeria

Successful shipment of new LOBP and Grease Production Unit to Algeria

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

Fluid Solutions proudly announces the recent shipping of a brand new Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) and Grease Production Unit built for the Algerian Market.

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The fully automatic, high performance Blending Plant is designed to produce a wide variety of state-of-the-art lube oils; from multi grade engine oil (Diesel and Gasoline), Semi- and Synthetic Motor Oil via Off-Road Mechanical Transmission Oil, Drive Line Transmission Oil (Gear box) and Hydraulic Oil and many more.

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The Grease Plant impresses with a fully automatic Grease Production Unit, starting from automatic controlled raw material dosing to Grease treatment which leads to highest possible Grease grades. Special design of the plant leads to lowest possible batch times.

files/fluid-solutions/images/news/nl-2020-07/Fig4 Agitator neu for Grease.jpg files/fluid-solutions/images/news/nl-2020-07/Fig5 Drum neu Oven.jpg

The design of the Fluid Solutions Lube Oil and Grease Production plant is outstanding by its

  • Excellent and robust production facilities
  • Highest level of finished product quality
  • Maximum possible automation grade
  • Minimum waste generation
  • Full flexibility for the production of highest quality grades for Lube Oils and Grease formulations

For further information, please contact us at any time.

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