Successful Revamping of the Meguin/LIQUIMOLY Lube Oil Blending Plant in Saarlouis, Germany

Combined knowledge and successful partnership
leads to outstanding results for future demands

More and more lubricants with increasingly specific properties are being demanded by the consumers. The number of specialty oils is increasing while volumes per oil grade are decreasing. Lubricant manufacturers meet this challenge with flexible production opportunities.

The overall goal for the extension of the production capacity for Meguin/LIQUI-MOLY was to increase the lube oil production from 80.000 tons per year to 120.000 tons per year. After the revamping of the site, Meguin/LIQUIMOLY is able to produce and fill approximately 480 tons of oil per day.

In total, Meguin/LIQUIMOLY produces 350 different formulations, which are available in 3.500 different package designs from small 0,5 liter containers to 1.000 liter. Produced, filled, packaged and palletized.

The amount of 120.000 tons per year will be filled in 37 million containers per year respectively 148.000 containers per day!

The classical production of lube oils in blending vessels provides the possibility of producing small and medium size batches, typically from 1 to 30 m³ size. When base oils and additives are flexibly connected to the vessels, a quick change and adaptation of the recipe is possible by using precise dosing systems and leads to an enormous flexibility in the production management.

For fast movers, the high volume driver of the lube oil production, the In-Line Blending (ILB) technology is the production device of right choice. The continuous production leads to capacities multiple times faster than the batch approach.

Meguin/LIQUIMOLY's revamping activities have led to:

     Full flexible and robust production facilities

     Highest level of finished product quality

     Maximum possible automation grade

     Minimum waste generation

     Excellent mixture of specialty oils and high volume fast movers

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