The new fully automatic Drum Decanting Unit (A-DDU) from Fluid Solutions

High-precision dosing from drums –
perfectly protected and fully automatic

The new fully automatic Drum Decanting Unit (A-DDU)
from Fluid Solutions


Here we present the world’s first fully automatic Drum Decanting Unit (A-DDU) for the high precision dosing of low- or high-viscous liquids from bunghole units into industrial production processes.

Fully automatic – protected –contamination free – unique

The drum decanting unit is capable of dispensing small quantities as well as the entire drum contents of liquids up to a viscosity of 15.000 mPas from bunghole drums with high precision – fully protected, fully automatic.

The drum decanting unit consists of a driven roller conveyor for feeding bunghole drums into the discharging unit, the discharging cabin with integrated and automatic drum opening, a CIP rinsing device for drums and contaminated pipes, and a driven roller conveyor for outlet of the drums.

The cabin, which is closed during the discharge, allows the A-DDU unit to be used even in robust and difficult environmental conditions. Even explosion-proof applications can be fulfilled.

Due to the possible aspiration of the cabin air, hazardous or harmful atmosphere can also be eliminated without reaching the operating surrounding.

In this way, the protection of operators and the environment is perfectly combined with high-precision, low-residue dosing from bunghole drums and creates a perfect new opportunity to load raw materials contamination free into the production process.



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