Your Performance Booster - the new In-line Blending Skid

High efficient, reliable and continuous In-line Lube Oil Blending Unit

Increase your performance dramatically with the high performance In-line Blender (ILB) from Fluid Solutions

Your production potential for lube oils reaches the next level.

  •      Full flexible
  •      Fast and reliable
  •      Just in time

This is the continuous In-line Blending (ILB) system provided by Fluid Solutions.

Let´s talk about minimizing the production time and reducing capital and operating costs by using this fully automatic technology with tried and tested equipment and reliable results in terms of quality and quantity.

Our In-line Blending system doses in parallel all components of your lube oil via high precise dosing systems into the piggable transfer line. No additional long mixing times for finished products is required. You will immediately come to tremendous savings in time and storage volume – proven and guaranteed.

The design and advantages of the Fluid Solutions In-line blender are outstanding by its

  •      immediate and major increase of production capacity
  •      fully automatic production Skid matches maximum quality lube oils
  •      low operating costs
  •      tried and tested technology
  •      reliable results under worldwide application

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