Training and Commissioning

Today’s petrochemical processes are controlled by DCS systems with an high grade of automated subsequences.  This fact request a high quality of operator and maintained crew training to ensures a safe and efficient plant production. Fluid Solutions training philosophy based on our experience and ensures your clients the most efficient training for your operators and maintenance crew. Your RTO team (ready to operate) will join in during the detail engineering phase to ensure that the technology will be fully comprehended by your team. During the commission and startup phase our engineering team will train your RTO team in each division of the plant such as DCS system, mechanical and electrical equipment’s and utility units to ensure your plant is commissioned safe and ramped up to its designed capacity and quality specifications in a short time.

In addition, we closely work with our customers on project schedule in installation and commissioning. By deploying the experienced personnel at the right time and following rigorous, proven checking and inspection procedures, we are able to coordinate with our customers in commissioning their plants on schedule.