Automated Batch Blender

Fluid Solutions Automatic Batch Blending (ABB) unit provides an efficient technology to blend Lubricants in a rage of 3 to 30m³ per batch. The ABB unit is typically made of four basic modules:

  1. The blending vessel (ABB) for base oil and additive dosing, equipped with heating coils (3 heating zones possible)
  2. The specially designed mixing system (Agitator, dispersing mixer)
  3. Load Cells
  4. Dosing header

The stainless steel vessel is mounted on the load cells to perform the main component dosing. In the order of mixing the recipe components, the blending vessel is equipped high efficient mixing system according to the physical properties and recipe specifications of customers LOBP oil. The mixing system can operate with a minimum level corresponding to 10% of the vessel capacity.

The blending vessel is equipped can be equipped with external heating systems such as double jacket or welded half pipe coils, which can be operate with steam or hot oil to heat up the content of the blending vessel. The heating system can be split into different zones which are automatically set up according to the filling grade, temperature to minimize the heating of non-covered vessel wall which ensures high quality of your Lubricants.

The contamination inside the blending vessel is minimized by using conical bottom and high efficient spray nozzle system to flush the vessel after blending a batch.

Advantages of Fluid Solutions Automatic Batch Blender:

  • Direct weight measurement
  • Highly automated
  • Minimum contamination--only tanks require cleaning
  • Short set-up time