Simultaneous Metered Blending Unit (SMB)

Simultaneous Metered Blending unit (SMB) combines the high volume production capacity of In Line Blending units (ILB) with operating flexibility of Automatic Batch Blending (ABB). The SMB unit adopts flow measuring technologies of the ABB, but instead of blending in a kettle, the components are sent through a header into designated storage tanks for mixing. The SMB blending unit is the simplest oil blending unit and most appropriate for less automated plants.

SMB is designed to simultaneously measure liquids with a flow meter in correct ratio through a header. The skit mounted SMB unit contains a product feed piping network, optionally separated by family groups (additive-/ baseoil groups) and a piggable mixing pipe.

The technical design of the SMB unit consist mainly two main differences compared to the ABB / ILB design:

  • SMB unit does not require a kettle
  • The output has to be transferred into storage tanks, equipped with mixers for final homogenization after charging all components into the tank.

Simultaneous Metered Blending Advantages

  • Mass flow measurement
  • Efficient for any blend size - limited only to size of destination tank
  • Accuracy not limited by batch size
  • Minimum contamination with pigging and flushing
  • Short set-up time - only drum line set-up time is required
  • Simultaneous product loading speeds blends
  • Can be operated by DCS recipe management system
  • Can be combined with ABB / ILB units (pre-blending)

Fluid Solutions delivers complete customized skid mounted SMB units according to customer’s needs and requirements. Our SMB systems follow up subassembly design principals with allows cost efficient extensions and reduces maintenance efforts.