InCan Tinting system

InCan Tinting Systems

  •  just in time production
  •  modular component system
  •  tailor made system for your specific needs including mixing and lid closing

The main goal of InCan tinting is the just-in time production philosophy.

The reduction of stock and the automation in the material flow process is one of the main items in the production philosophy of InCan Tinting.

In the InCan production, the dispensing machine is able to produce a complete order of a special paint in a special color just in time order by order. That means the can packaging is the production vessel at the same time.

An incoming order will order directly transfer with the computer system of the Fluid dispenser and then with a very high accuracy and speed be dispensed into the packaging from 1 to 30 l or also drums or IBC´s.

The modular  component system from various types of bases, additives and colorants give the system the possibility to make any product at any time at any production seize.

Incan tinting systems are always the highest technical standard of dispensing systems in this area.

Here a very high accuracy because of the small batch and in the same time a maximum of speed is needed as well as very good organized computer system and production automation. But in the world of always smaller batch seizes and more differentiation in different types of products and more and more diversifications, these kind of systems can be very helpful for special type of paint producers.

Fluid Solutions can help you to design your tailor-made system in the best way for the individual case.

InCan tinting systems are normally not made as a pure standard machine; there is always an individual touch of each system to optimize the production of our customer.